"DRS has helped me with my practice management.  They’ve also helped me with dealing with billing and keeping me updated about changes in my medical practice and new billing decisions I have to make."

In my dealing with DRS, they’ve been very up front, tried to make suggestions on how I can improve my practice, they’ve helped me with some of the issues I’ve dealt with in regards to fraud and my front office.  I felt that they were watching out for me as to changes that could occur that as a physician I’m with patients and I’m not always aware of sometimes fraudulent activities embedded in the front office.  Their entire goal is to help me as a clinician to concentrate on my practice and to keep the billing issues in a separate area so that my main focus is not towards my billing.  I’ve also had the opportunity to work with them on a monthly basis to review my AR and to talk about any concerns I have with any of my patients and to look at the bills…..  They are very willing to work with my staff and myself in cooperation so that everyone is aware of the situation. 

Joy Schechtman, DO, Rheumatologist
Sun Valley Arthritis
Peoria, Arizona

“I’ve been in practice as an Interventional cardiologist for over 15 years in the northwest valley area of Phoenix. I have used Doctors Resource Specialists as my primary billing service for all of these years. 

DRS also has serviced my practice for all my insurance and credentialing needs.  I have been very happy with them and in fact, recommended them to several of my colleagues including other cardiologists and internists. I know all of them are very happy with DRS.  I recommend them very strongly. “

Kumar Ravi, MD
Arizona Heart Specialists
Sun City, AZ

"It has been a pleasure working with DRS for the last 5-6 years."

I find them to be highly competent and extremely helpful in any questions or concerns we have regarding billing. They have been excellent in assisting us in implementation of EMR system.

Larry D Stark, DO
Family Practice
Phoenix, AZ

"I have been with DRS for the last couple of years and appreciate what a good job they have done with my billing."

My biller works hard and is very conscientious in responding to any questions I might have about my account.  I also think it’s wonderful to be able to pick up the phone and call Sue or Julie, the co-owners of DRS, with any concerns I might have or to just ask a question about my practice.   They are responsive to questions and ready to do research if they do not have an answer right away. I highly recommend them!

Janet Reiser, MD
Scottsdale Gastroenterology
Scottsdale, AZ