Reasons Your Practice Should Consider EHR:

  • Paper Records are Insufficient and Often Incomplete
  • Paper is Expensive to Copy, Slow to Retrieve, and Difficult to Share
  • Health Care Providers Need Faster Access to Patient Data; Lab Results, X-Rays, Medications
  • We NEED a National Health Information Network
  • Patients Need Access to their own Health Data
  • Clinicians Need Access to Patient Data Outside of the Office Setting
  • EHR’s Reduce Transcription Costs by Using Voice Recognition Software & Patient Type Templates
  • EHR’s Reduce Printing, Mailing and Faxing Costs
  • Security And Audibility

Electronic Health Records:

Our team specializes in Electronic Health Record implementations. With 12 years of experience in EHR installs, training and support- DRS is the right partner for your practice. We analyze your workflow and customize the implementation schedule to meet your needs. After Set-Up, Training and Go-live, we are here for support. We work with several different EHR vendors and have experience with implementations across a variety of specialties. We accommodate all different technology needs, depending on your level of comfort. We can host software to minimize your investment and have recently deployed a native web application that requires little to no hardware acquisition on the part of your office. Are you ready for the HITECH Stimulus? Starting in 2011, you can receive money from the government to bring your practice onto and EHR.