DRS solutions help to Optimize your business while Increase Cash Flow

DRS Solutions Overview

  • Revenue Cycle Management & Medical BillingIncrease the bottom lineMany private offices have found additional sources of cash hidden in their revenue cycle, but uncovering that cash requires a well performing revenue cycle, and takes planning, strategy and execution. Doctors Resource Specialists partners with Optum to offer a program designed for blending people, processes and technology to deliver sustainable results whether the need is a short-term customized project or long-term revenue cycle outsourcing.
  • Electronic Health RecordsSave time and capitalOur EHR solutions are designed with the right scale, scope, and functionality for your practice. Pricing is based on the number of physicians using the system and is fixed within a range so you can easily increase or decrease the number of “seats” on the system with minimal cost impact.
  • Physician IT SolutionsEmpowering doctors With DRS Optum EHR solutions, physicians can access electronic health records seamlessly from any location through a secure and centralized gateway. Combining clinical and business workflows into one comprehensive system helps physicians save staff time, enhance practice productivity, and simplify administrative workflows.