Revenue Cycle Mgmt

With customized solutions, cash flow will drastically improve and with the freed-up cash you can invest in your facility and focus on what matters most – patient care.
Have you calculated how much time is spent each year submitting and processing claims? Nationally, the healthcare industry spends $350 billion in these efforts. In addition, the increasing out-of-pocket costs for patients and rising operating costs for providers make for a complicated environment. Finding ways to streamline and maximize workflow to lower operating costs is critical. And with access to capital more difficult to secure, staying on top of your A/R is more important than ever. Every dollar not collected negatively impacts short- and long-term capital projects, lowers patient satisfaction scores and possibly affects the quality of patient care.
Many private offices have found additional sources of cash hidden in their revenue cycle, but uncovering that cash requires a well performing revenue cycle, and takes planning, strategy and execution.  Doctors Resource Specialists partners with Optum to offer a program designed for blending people, processes and technology to deliver sustainable results whether the need is a short-term customized project or long-term revenue cycle outsourcing.

DRS Solutions Optimize Your Revenue Cycle and Unlocks Cash within Your Practice

Whatever the condition of your organization’s revenue cycle, we provide many benefits, including:

  • *Access to state-of-the-art revenue cycle technology for enhanced performance
  • *Customized solutions that combine on and offsite staff to ensure maximum cash recovery, quick resolution and a successful conversion process
  • *Best practice processes and metrics for lasting improvement in revenue cycle performance
  • *Long-term relationships that provide cost predictability, results and risk sharing
  • *Higher returns on investment resulting from one of the highest recovery rates in the industry
  • *Measurable and sustainable improvements with revenue cycle key performance indicators

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Drive Revenue by Accurate Coding

Coding is the lynchpin to accurate reimbursement for your practice. Inaccurate or delays in coding can negatively impact reimbursement, lead to denied claims, result in incorrect clinical documentation and cause reporting issues. Because we understand that successful financial performance is driven by the detail provided in clinical documentation, we have designed our Medical Coding solutions to align with both financial and clinical processes. We collaborate with you to design coding services that match the processes and workflow of your practice. Our team of skilled coders has deep industry expertise and specialty specific experience.

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