Electronic Health Records

The time has arrived, and there are so many reasons to go from a paper-based practice to an electronic office.  But finding the trusted partner to make it happen is top-of-mind in many healthcare offices.  They want someone familiar not only with the electronic process, but with the healthcare field.  Doctors Resource Specialists has years of experience providing cost saving solutions to private physicians’ offices and has a proven record of exceptional customer service.

Here’s What Electronic Health Records (EHR) Can Do for Your Practice:

  • Share information across your care ecosystem
  • Prevent medical errors
  • Improve efficiency of healthcare delivery
  • Lower healthcare cost
Doctors Resource Specialists has partnered with Caretracker to provide physicians’ offices a variety of options to address their individual needs. By offering industry-leading practice management and EHR software, hardware systems, and a complete service portfolio including program planning and clinical workflow optimization, we help healthcare providers successfully implement EHR.

And with the provisions provided in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), healthcare providers are now incented to adopt this technology. However, the complexities and start-up expenses associated with implementation of an EHR platform can make it unattainable for many smaller physician practices. Our proven experience and key vendor alliances allow Doctors Resource Specialists and Caretracker Solutions to deliver EHR technology at a fixed monthly price helping to make Electronic Health Records affordable to all.

Affordability for Any Size Practice

Our EHR solutions are designed with the right scale, scope, and functionality for your practice. Pricing is based on the number of physicians using the system and is fixed within a range so you can easily increase or decrease the number of “seats” on the system with minimal cost impact.
  • Short implementation
  • Predictable recurring costs
  • No data center or platform capital investment
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